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There’s bad news every day
Shadows that just won’t go away
We hear of children dieing
See their mothers crying
We’re flooded by the rivers of tears
We are the lucky ones
We live in peace, we have a home
Reach for your neighbor’s hand now
Let’s form a human chain
Let’s give’em back their smiles again
What a very special feeling,
What a very special night
We can start the healing
It’s in our hands to spread a little light
What a very special moment
So join in, open your heart
We can make a difference
Tonight the love-crusade will start
We are one big family
Brothers and sisters we are and will be
It’s not all about money
Let’s show the world we care
In times of trouble we all will be there
Too many people close their eyes and try to look away
When they wake up from their selfishness
That will be the day.