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Do you understand what love is all about?
Do you really know what does it mean?
Sometimes it is cruel enough to knock you out
But I know – you have to let it in.

Your heart will always guide you on the way.
Don’t lose the light inside.
You’ll see – there is no point to be afraid.
Don’t try to run and hide.

It is here and there, and it is all around.
Sometimes you can feel it in the air.
Listen to your heart – it’s such a different sound.
Everything is changing everywhere

Stop. Don’t lose control.
Reveal the fire in your soul.
I know it’s not for you to fall.
Don’t ever let me down.

Stop. Don’t change your mind.
You’ll see that love is hard to find.
And I believe you’re not that kind
Who makes me cry and frown.

Stop to realize
Just where this deep emotion lies.
Stop. You have to know –
My life is in your hands.

Stop for something new
That I got just for me and you.
Stop to start again.
We need a second chance.

Everybody wants to find the perfect love.
Everybody needs someone to hold.
It’s a magic gift you’re only thinking of.
You can’t take it in exchange for gold.

I know – there is a thing you cannot buy.
I know – it’s not for sale.
Someday you’re gonna get the wings to fly.
Your dreams will never fail.

Never take this feeling as a game to play.
And you’ll never be the losing one.
And your love will never ever fly away.
We will always lean towards the sun.