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(Lyrics & Music: Weikath)(6:20)
Tried so hard to understand all of your feelings
Tried to cope with your insanities
Come to think about too many ways of healing
What we lost or maybe never had

One small step into the hidden decoy
One more word is help and one will destroy

I woke up in the midnight sun
So aware damage has been done
Agony or sanctuary
Only fate will show the way

From the bright of day into the jaw of darkness
One is shoved, a victim of a lie
Friendly face turns into a fiery grimace
Suddenly feelings learn to lie

Used up sympathy - no chance to return
To a world one knew but wounds that will burn

Spent more time in the midnight sun
Still aware of what else has gone
Agonized and hypnotized
When will I be shown the way

Solo: Roland - Michael

Fell asleep and no midnight
Still aware justice has been done
No more doubts but disbelief
When the night was day