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The moonlight in the night - минус песни

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Синяя птица - минуса:

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муз. В.Свидан, сл.Ю.Игонина, А.Дроздов, пер. А.Быстров

Clouds are crawling in the gloomy skies,
Times of dark & cold, that‘s how it goes on.
Like a snake they crawl, your secret lies,
I don‘t need to take more of this poison.

Yes I know you will not come to stay,
But i‘ll still be waiting & beliveing,
That I won‘t hear your lies again.
I‘m walking ‘round my room instead of dreaming.

The moonlight in the night
Is turning shadows wrong to right
Looking through my window sweet & tender
I pour the glass of wine,
Red wine is sparkling so bright,
With love & loneliness I will surrender

Silver moon my only satellite
Shares with me the midnight lonely sorrow
Without you my world is cold inside,
You don‘t want to warm it till tomorrow.
Words of lies I hear them on & on,
What is broken can‘t be pulled together.
So I know someday you will be gone,
But my heart won‘t trust in this forever.
Chorus...Moon in the night High above so bright.